A unique trekking along the beach

Hi guys, I am back and this time to write about a unique trek along a beach in coastal Karnataka. Our  CAP group decided to go to  Gokarna  for a beach trek that involved walking along the sandy beach, hike through the green meadows, trek through a rocky terrain, camp on an island with the entire beach for ourself and a visit to the mangrove forest with a dip in the backwater. It was hectic two day trek that you should not miss if you get a chance to go.
Gokarna is a popular pilgrimage destination for Hindus, Gokarna is known for sacred sites like Mahabaleshwar Temple, which has a shrine dedicated to the deity Shiva. It is situated in Uttar Karnataka /North Karnataka district of the state of Karnataka. We were’nt there for temple visits but we went on a  beach hopping spree that covered four beaches before camping on the Heaven beach. One can cover the following beaches if you start from Gokarna Main Beach
  • Gokarna main beach,
  • Kudle beach,
  • Om beach
  • Half Moon beach (also called Small Hell beach)
  • Paradise beach, and finally to
  • Belakani beach.


From Belakani beach we took a ferry to go to Heaven  beach where we camped for the night. No doubt, that was far too many beaches for a 2 day outing, but who ever gets tired of beaches…
We all decided to meet at the  Mahalakshmi metro station.  Because of heavy rain, it took a little more time than we had planned for everyone to assemble together. We boarded the bus by around 9PM once everyone arrived. Two hours into the journey, we stopped by a Dhaba on the highway for dinner.  We had a good dinner and set of again. All of us had a sound sleep. The next morning we made a pit stop at a local cafe in Nilenkani for coffee and tea.
At Sri Krishna Bhavan (pit stop)









From there Gokarna was just 81 km. We reached Gokarna, 3 hrs after our pit stop.  The bus journey was fun.We danced and had a lot of fun. We had breakfast at a hotel near the Gokarna bus stand.  We all packed only the things that was very much needed for the trek. Keep your bags as light as possible. We first went through the Mahabaleshwara temple way. On the way we heard that film shooting was going on. The actor was none other than the famous actor Ramesh Arvind.
He called us over and and we took a few photos and started our trek again. We then went through a small passage and reached the Gokarna main beach.  The beach was very clean and sea not that rough. We continued our walk through a well laid out walk way that led to a series of steps. The steps lead to a temple and a kalyani. Few more steps from the old temple and we entered lush green meadows.. it
 was a wonderful sight of greenery. We spent some time on the meadows.. clicking our way through.


From there we trekked all the way to the other side and came across another small passage which led straight to Kudle beach.
It was 20 to 30 min walk from Gokarna main beach to Kudle beach. From the entrance we had to take left turn and then head straight. It was pleasant walk along the beach. There were many coast guards in this beach,  so you can play safely in the water.We then found another small passage to go to Om beach.The passage was right next to a resort. We went through the passage and reached a small entrance to the beach. The place had retained its beauty. The beach was clean, beautiful and pious. Even though it attracted a lot of tourists. There are a lot of historical places to visit. If you are short on time and cannot visit all the beaches, you should not miss Om Beach.






After that all us were feeling hungry. So we all headed to the nearest hotel.The hotel’s name was ‘Om Ganesh Hotel.’ The restaurant food was nice but it took a lot of time to be served.This was because the chef was making food on demand. So while we were waiting for food one other restaurant workers started playing the bongos and  our team members started grooving to this percussion instrument that made all of us forget our hunger. After lunch we started trekking again along the beach until we came across a forest trail. We trekked through this path. Halfway a magnificent sight of  the sea caught our eyes. The path led us to HalfMoon beach. It is called so because even this beach is in the shape of a half moon. There are a lot of rocks so do not forget to change into good grip shoes or boots. The walk through the rocky terrain is a bit tiring. We trekked for a while and found a small grassy patch. So we all sat down and energised ourselves because our guide told us that the next terrain would be harder and rockier. After a small break we started heading towards the next beach called Small Hell beach. It is called so because of the red colour on the stones. It looked like an ancient execution place. MIND YOUR STEP BECAUSE IT COULD GET A BIT SLIPPERY. We were all so relieved after we got down from our last step or at least I was.
After navigating the Small Hell Beach, which was in a way bit tough, we entered a beach called paradise beach. It really was like paradise. Clean beach and beautiful sight. There were a lot of foreigners. We took a long break taking in the setting sun and cool breeze. After spending some time on paradise beach we started trekking to our final destination Belakani beach.  From Paradise beach to Belakani beach it was a long and tiring trek. We reached our final beach destination beach well before the sunset.
We got refreshed and took turns to take a bath. The hotel had a change room and a bath rooms which you can use.  After light snacks we headed towards our last destination for the day – Heaven beach. We went there on a boat from Belakani beach.  It was pitch dark. We reached the island and started to pitch our tents.
That was my first time getting my hands on pitching a tent. We were divided into groups and we were taught how to pitch a tent . It was so much fun. It was dark and we were all waiting for dinner. Our boatment got us piping hot dinner and we had a memorable dinner in front of a bonfire. After dinner some of us went straight to bed and some were sitting by the beach and chatted there way into the night. Next morning we all woke up at 6:00am.
our co organiser helping us unfold and pack
our team standing in front our tents
doing suryanamaskar





We folded and packed our tents. Then we had breakfast. Some of the group members had gotten into the water for some time.
locals smiling and waving


beautiful mangrove island
Then we got ready and took another boat ride along the river backwaters  to go to the mangrove forest. We played for a while in the backwaters.  We tried out a few water aerobics.
We played in the water for an hour and set back to hotel. All of us got refreshed and got ready for heading back. On the way we played dumb charades and antakshari. We all had a lot fun. We made a pit stop at Ranabennur for snacks. After snacks we got into the TT and played for a while and slept until our stops came. Another wonderful trek organised by our boss Sanjeev. Many thanks to him and co-organizer Vijay Kumar Ancher
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  1. Very nice write up. though i missed the trip but after reading i felt like I have been part of the trek and everything was actually happening with me. Thank you for keeping all details that a beginner need.

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