Day trek to Chunchi Falls

We are part of Club of Adventurous People (CAP). One good thing about our group is we go out atleast twice a month to various places in and around Karnataka. We decided to go to not so very known falls called Chunchi Falls near Kanakapura, Bangalore.  It had been a very good Monsoon season for us in 2017, we had heard that the Arkavathi river had abundant water and so we decided to check it out.

Google map location for Chunchi Falls

We started  by getting up at 6 in the morning  We all got up early since we were actually car pooling .  We had room for 2 more people in our car. We met the other  2 at Yelechenahalli metro station . We met the some of the group at kanakpura nice road junction and then headed for breakfast at the Kabalamma hotel. You have to try the idly and dosa.

Breakfast at Hotel Kaballamma

From the hotel to chunchi falls it was a 1 hr 30 min drive.  We were joined by rest of the gang in other cars further down the Kanakapura road.

The CAP gang

The best time  to visit any fall is during monsoon. On the way to the falls there are  small villages where you will find people practicing sericulture. We got down and started to look at the leaves and cocoons. It was a very beautiful sight.




We started our journey again. The roads were still under construction so it was a bumpy ride. Finally we reached the falls. After reaching we found that the falls was not near the parking lot but we had to trek to it. On the way to the falls we went to this view point where we  could see 2 short falls.

View Tower

The trek from the parking lot to the falls took us about  20 min.  It is a rocky terrain so don’t forget to wear good grip shoes. We could not go to the bottom of the falls since the river is too deep. Instead we walked to the right to shallower place. This place was like a natural jacuzzi and nature’s own swimming pool. There are no changing rooms here. But you can find a safe place to change – behind the rocks and trees. Me and the group got into the water. There are rocks in the water so MIND YOUR STEP. 

Playing in the natural jacuzzi near the falls




We were in the water for an hour and a half. After playing in the water we all felt hungry. Thanks to our CAP boss Sanjeev, who had packed lunch for the whole gang. We were so happy at the sight of food and we gobbled up our lunch. We started to head back after our lunch by climbing up. The trek back was tiring as it was very hot. On the way back to the parking lot, there are small stalls where you can have some refreshments. We all had ice cold water, Lime juice and some fruits (Cucumber, Pineapple, etc).

CAP members doing their bit towards Swachh Bharath

We collected a lot of plastic bottles that were strewn around. Our CAP members collected them and deposited to the folks at the stalls. Our humble request to all of you reading this post : Please do not leave back any plastic (plates, bottles) at the site. Lets contribute our small efforts towards Swachh Bharath.


Co-organizer Vijay Kumar Ancher – after a day’s hard work and sumptuous dinner

On the way back home we stopped at this famous restaurant called Oggarne Dabbi Chandrappa on Kanakpura Road. This restaurant is famous for non vegeterian dishes and features regularly on TV show called Oggarane Dabbi. The vegetarian dish was equally good.




Overall had a nice one day trek with the CAP gang. For more pictures check out our  CAP Facebook page. Please take a minute and leave a comment here. Feel free to reach out for more information.

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  1. Good one Vedha…real gud blog… Details nd narration gets full marks…8th kid wth such discriptive blog wow gurl..grt start..U will take it to whole new levels in future for sure… Glad u guys had a gud time…All kudos to sanjeev boss for making every outing such special Nd memorable…Was hosting a get together party else wudnt hve missed a one day outing… I encourage u to write more blogs Nd enhance Ur writing skills…May b u shapeup as one of best writers of our times…Best wishes

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